Vino Santo Trentino is not just a remnant of the old rural ways: it represents an essential part of the identity of a community that remains firmly grounded in its own traditions, while never ceasing to look ahead.

The attributes of this wine are utterly unique, and accurately reflect the properties of the territory where it is produced. There is no other wine, in the world, with a comparable natural drying period – a magical property made possible by the Ora del Garda, the daily breeze that, from its namesake lake, gently blows over the valley. Moreover, similarly to Sauternes and Tokaji (two of the wine’s most renowned related varieties), ripe grapes used to produce Vino Santo become infested with Botrytis cinerea, the precious noble rot that imparts the wine its unmistakable flavours and aroma.

On the basis of this successful experience reviving the Vino Santo tradition, the winegrowers have set out on a new project that brings together, once again, the vine, man, and their land. Thus, the Reboro was born. A new adventure.