The tradition of Vino Santo Trentino – first revived in the 1970s – has been strenuously preserved by a group of winegrowers, the Associazione Vignaioli del Vino Santo. Every year, the Vignaioli lay the best grapes from their Nosiola vineyards on the aréle to dry, determined on passing on the baton of Vino Santo from one generation to the next.

Membership of the Association counts six wineries (‘aziende agricole’). Each of them offers a unique rendering of this small but invaluable piece of the rich heritage of this land.

The yearly production of Vino Santo Trentino is approximately 80 hectoliters. The wine is bottled after more than ten years of barrel ageing. Vino Santo possesses a complex, sweetly elegant bouquet, and its longevity is extraordinary: it will continue to develop in the bottle for decades, without fear of the passing of time.

Vino Santo Trentino is one of few wines to have been included in the Slow Food catalogue of endangered foods.